Fernando Zúñiga

Department of Linguistics
University of Bern
Laenggassstrasse 49
3000 Bern 9, Switzerland
Tel +41 31 6318004
fernando.zuniga æt isw.unibe.ch

CV |  Publications |  Research |  Teaching |  Editorial activity

I hold the chair of General Linguistics in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Bern. My current work focuses on morphological typology and grammatical voice, and my recent work has centered around morphosyntactic clause alignment, as well as benefaction and malefaction. I have specialized in the indigenous languages of the Americas (especially the Algonquian languages of North America and Mapudungun in the Southern Cone), but I am also very much interested in Basque, West Germanic (especially High Alemannic and varieties of English), and Iberian Romance.

I also hold a degree in economics and worked for some years at Swiss Re, the largest Swiss reinsurer. I am very interested in literature — especially highbrow fiction in English and Spanish, well-written speculative fiction in any language, and many things related to 221B Baker Street. Lastly, I was a piano teacher and pianist some years ago.

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