Teaching @ U Bern

Prof. Zúñiga will be on sabbatical leave during FS 2017. In order to partially compensate for this, Dr. Lorenzo Filipponio (University of Zurich) will be giving a BA/MA course (in German) during that semester ("Sardinian and Corsican from a typological and sociolinguistic perspective").

Past teaching

    University of Bern, Department of Linguistics
    · Endangered Languages [spring 2014, fall 2016]
    · Ergativity [fall 2016]
    · The Decay into Writing (together with Maxwell Phillips) [spring 2015]
    · History of Linguistics: Authors [fall 2015]
    · History of Western Linguistics [spring 2014]
    · Introduction to Syntax [fall 2013, fall 2015]
    · Introduction to Semantics and Pragmatics [fall 2013, spring 2016]
    · Introduction to Typology [spring 2016]
    · Introduction to Typology I & II [fall 2013 – spring 2014]
    · Introduction to Basque I & II [fall 2013 – spring 2014, fall 2015 – spring 2016]
    · Introduction to Mapudungun I & II [fall 2014 – spring 2015]
    · Linguistic Relativity [fall 2014]
    · Nominal Hierarchies in the Languages of the World [spring 2013]
    · Valence Theory [spring 2013, spring 2015]
    · Writing Linguistic Papers and Theses [spring 2015]
    · Introduction to Algonquian Languages [fall 2014]
    · Introduction to Celtic Languages [fall 2015]
    · Introduction to North American languages [spring 2013, spring 2016]
    · Introduction to South American languages [spring 2013, fall 2016]
    · What is a Word? [fall 2014]
    · Welsh (structure course) [fall 2016]
    University of Helsinki (Finland)
    Department of Modern Languages, Visiting Erasmus lecturer [April 22-26, 2013]
    · Semantic and Pragmatic Inversion in Amerindian Languages
    · Pragmatic Voice in the Languages of the World
    · What, if Anything, is Polysynthesis?
    University of Zurich
    Department of Comparative Linguistics
    · Endangered Languages (together with Giorgio Banti) [spring 2007]
    · Introduction to Comparative Linguistics I & II [spring 2000–spring 2002; fall 2007–fall 2011]
    · Introduction to North American Languages (proseminar & directed reading) [fall 1999]
    · The Languages of South America [spring 2012]
    · Modern Philosophy of Language (together with Mathias Jenny) [fall 2007]
    · Semantics & Pragmatics [spring 2007–spring 2011]
    · The Structures of Mapudungun [spring 2012]
    Romance Languages Department
    · Linguistic Introduction to Mapudungun [spring 2008]


Theses (co-)supervised since 2012

    Ph.D. theses (co-)supervised (current)
  • Florian Matter: A typological account of the verbal morphology of Cariban languages
  • Dominique Knuchel: A grammatical description of Kogi (Arwako-Chibchan; Colombia)
  • [co-supervision: Yankee Modi: A grammar of Milang (Trans-Himalaya; India)]
    Ph.D. theses (co-)supervised (completed)
  • [co-supervision: Belén Villena (U Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona): Innovación léxica en mapudungún: productividad, genuinidad y planificación [= Lexical innovation in Mapudungun: Productivity, genuineness and planning], October 2016]
  • Charitini Karadamou: The phonetics and phonology of Amawaka (Panoan; Peru), September 2016
  • Steffen Haurholm-Larsen: A grammar of Garifuna (Arawak; Honduras), September 2016
  • [co-supervision: Mario Della Costanza (U Zurich): La marcación diferencial del objeto en español: ¿una construcción con varios significados? [= Differential Object Marking in Spanish: A construction with several meanings?], December 2014]
  • [co-supervision: Marius Zemp: A historical grammar of the Tibetan dialect spoken in Kargil (Purik), December 2014]
  • [co-supervision: Jiāng Lì 姜儷: A grammar of Guìqióng (Qiangic; Sichuan), December 2013]
    M.A. theses supervised (completed)
  • Florian Matter: Referential density and preferred argument structure in Mapudungun narrative texts, December 2015
  • Olivia Reuteler: Du- und Sie-Kulturen in Unternehmen und der Einfluss auf das Verhältnis zum Vorgesetzten [= Du and Sie cultures in firms and the influence upon the relationship to one’s superior], July 2015
  • Naoki Peter: Hiatus resolution in Blackfoot, December 2014
  • Mirjam Beck (U Zurich): Argument indexing in Muskogean languages: A predicate-class approach, December 2013
  • Silvana Camenisch: Differentielle Objektmarkierung im Mapudungun. Eine Untersuchung anhand narrativer Texte [=Differential Object Marking in Mapudungun. A narrative-based investigation], December 2013