Fernando Zúñiga EuroBABEL/RHIM research project (2009-2013)

Mapudungun and Blackfoot: Inverse morphology and three-participant clauses

The objective of the project is, besides further documenting Mapudungun (Chile, Argentina) and Blackfoot (USA, Canada), to ascertain for these two languages: (1) how "syntactic" inversion really is, (2) how the pragmatic factors determining obviation status work, exactly, and (3) how inversion works in three-participant clauses.



Selected linguistic links
Dictionary (by Arturo Hernández & Nelly Ramos)
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Glossary 2 (by Antonio Trivero; based on Moesbach 1962)
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Mapudungun @ Ethnologue: Mapudungun and Huilliche
Note that Huilliche is regarded as a different language by the Ethnologue —thereby leading to an "Araucanian" language family covering both Mapudungun and Huilliche. However, no expert on the language I know of shares this view; I prefer to distinguish the following broad dialects of Mapudungun: (1) central or Mapudungun proper, (2) eastern or Pehuenche, (3) southern or Huillliche, (4) Argentinean or Ranquel, and (5) northern or Picunche (extinct).

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